Sunday, December 30, 2007

Do I have to take down the tree if it isn't dead yet?

Hey Yarny Peeps! How's your weekend? I'll be glad when all the leftover cookies, nuts and candy are gone...why do I feel compelled to eat it all? Ack!

I signed up for a 3 month membership at the YMCA yesterday...good jeans are getting a bit snug, lol.

Cass asked what kind of camera I got, hey, Cass! It's a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS. I hope I can figure out all the buttons and dials and make some decent pictures soon. I think it's going to take some time though.

I'd like to say a hearty Hey! to Joan, Linda, Clarabelle, Nichole, Grace, Jess, Purl, Birdsong and you too Novice Knitter. Thanks so much for stopping by and making your presence known from time to time.

Rena gave me sock blockers! Don't they look good dressed in my Neopolitan Monkey? Thank you Rena, for more than just the you!

Some actual knitting has been done here at Chez B.

Mom's Irish Hiking Scarf in lavender heather Philosopher's Wool with a super cool shawl pin that Rena gave her. Doesn't she look cute?!

I believe she really liked the scarf.

She never has done any type of handcrafts herself but does appreciate the time and love that goes into them. Her area of expertise is apple pie. Just ask The Saint, hee hee.

Love you Mom!

I've been snuggling my new Amy Butler bag The Super-Sneaky Saint got me for Christmas.

It's roomy, lightweight, has lots of pockets inside for all my knitting "stuff" and when it's full of knitting goodies, like yarn and things, you can give it a hug and it is comforting like a big teddy bear.

And, it looks so cool on the sofa! lol

The purchase of this bag was a cloak n dagger affair.

A couple of days before Christmas The Saint and I had a couple days off work to finish up our shopping. We stopped by City Knitting so I could pick up some yarn for Chef Wes' Christmas present hat.

Wandering around the shop I saw this Amy Butler bag and commented on it. I think I said something like "Isn't this pretty?". I didn't even gush about it or anything.

While I was around a corner looking at some "sale" yarn he was sort of lagging behind pretending he was looking at some other stuff and chatting-up the owner, Lorilee. This is not unusual behavior for him, he likes to chat with ladies in fabric, yarn and book shops. He's real social that way. What he was really doing, with sign language while I wasn't looking his way, was letting her know that there was something he wanted to buy and he'd be back to pick it up later. Lorilee snuck a sticker to him and as he continued to wander he walked past the bag and placed the sticker on it so they would know exactly which one. After we left the shop they popped it into a box and he went back later, picked up the box and dropped it off at Rena's house (she's always his Christmas-wrapping-elf).

I love that he does things like that. He's done it several times in the 10 years we've been together. Love you Honey!

Jared and Tammy got me a gift certificate to City Knitting and I redeemed most of that yesterday while I was hangin out with Rena, doin our usual Saturday hangin out. I picked up a copy of 101 Designer One Skein Wonders. I want to make the Marialis scarf from the book with some of the lace weight yarn I got a few weeks ago.

Yeah, after I finish that blasted EZ Adult Surprise Jacket...I'm finally working on it again and feel like I may actually be getting close to done...that sure is a lot of garter stitch! I was knitting until 1 this morning trying to make some substantial progress so I would be motivated to continue working on it today. Nice try, it's after 5pm and I haven't gotten around to sittin n knittin yet. Maybe when I finish visiting with all of you I'll get to it. lol

Max got a new sweater, knitted by Rena. Pretty spiffy! How do you like the turtle neck?


Linda said...

No, leave the tree up until you're darn well ready to take it down.

Don't you love having a supportive SO? Mine is too and it makes life so much easier!

Nice to have gifts appreciated. The one I knitted was a success as well.

On the sock blockers - DH took some sandpaper to the edges of mine when I got them, and they're now much more pleasant to work with. I've also rescued a pair of socks that had felted by soaking them for a few minutes, then putting them on the blockers under the water and taking them out to dry. Not that I think you don't know how to handle your sockies, but accidents do happen...

Rena said...

Leave it up as long as you would like to lady!!!! You made some uber cool holiday gifts ;) mine especially!!! Love those cloths and the towel worth your effort times a million :) hugs n love to you

Max looks beautiful in that turtleneck. I hope she isn't too embarrassed!!! She appears happy :)

Grace Yaskovic said...

what a ggreat post and your camera takes fabulous pictures, I love the bag and everything The Knight did to get it. The scarf and its recipient are both beautiful as is the pin Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR ally!!!

Nichole said...

Your Saint is so wonderful... and that bag is gorgeous! Max looks very handsome in his turtleneck. Love the sock blockers - one friend got me a Loopy Ewe gift cert so off I went and ordered sock blockers for me!

Gnat said...

Keep your tree up until you want especially if it's not dead yet. The scarf looks lovely and I love your pair of Monkeys. I plan to cast on for a pair soon. They look great on your sock blockers.

Have a wonderful New Year!!

JessaLu said...

My mother and sister usually leave their trees up at least until Valentines Day. One year, my sister left hers up until July 4th. Their trees are fake and so aren't a fire hazard but I thought you might enjoy knowing that others like to leave the tree up well past the holidays. ;o)

Thanks for the acknowledgement - comments are important! :o))

Glad to see you had a wonderful Christmas!