Sunday, December 16, 2007

Crazy Neighbors

You know how every neighborhood has a "crazy neighbor"? I think we're probably them, lol.

Standing in the back room a few minutes ago trying to find something to take a photo of for this blog post, this caught my eye...yep, that's my bottle tree. There's a guy who makes cooler ones here but this is The Saint's design from my request. I've had many questions from neighbors regarding my "art" at the corner of our back deck since it is visible from the street.

I'm thinking not everyone appreciates the beauty of colored glass...or maybe it's the previous occupant of the glass that they can't appreciate. I know I enjoyed the contents of every one of those pretty colored bottles over the past few years. Lots of fun times were had in the course of consuming that wine. Sort of like a diary of all the fish fry's and barbeque's we've had here with friends and family. It's hard to get the full impact of the colors on a wintry day like today but you can sort of get the idea, can't ya?

We got snow last night. After breakfast and a quick glance at The Press, The Saint put on his hunting suit (a lovely shade of blaze orange that keeps him from getting lost in the snow, ha ha ha) and trudged out to the garage and got the snow blower. In a few minutes he had the driveway and sidewalk nice and clean and was headed off to do his Sunday shopping at the local grocery and to hang out with the "old-heads" on the bench at the front of the store. Sadly, on such a cold, snowy day no one else was hangin' out. All he could do was get his few groceries and head on home.

I have my cards addressed and ready to go in the mail tomorrow. Hope they'll make it to their destinations on time. I'm not sure why I've been such a drag-ass about holiday stuff this year but I'm just not feeling any sense of urgency about it. The Saint and I will make our big shopping trip this Thursday and get the things we actually have to buy at a store. I do like to wait til the last minute for some things so you can get the best price. No sense in spending more than you have to right?

I have been knitting a lot, really I have. I'm 3/4 done with the Irish Hiking Scarf for my Mom

and I've started another Helping Hat

with some fabulous Cascade 128 Tweed color #7621 .

Then I found this and I'm thinking I want to make all of these for my tree for next year! I just love those lit-tel ti-ny sweaters!

And Max wanted to say hey so here she is admiring the scarf...


Everybody have a great week. Thanks for stopping by. Say hey while you're here. I love company! I have wine...


Linda said...

I love the bottle tree. Just shoot the neighbors. kidding...really...

Max is adorable.

Cass said...

Your scarf looks GREAT! Love the color.
and We have a bottle tree too! :)

JessaLu said...

Cool tree!

My cards are going in the mail tomorrow, too - and I'm getting taken out to dinner in thanks for doing them ALL by myself. ;o))

Grace Yaskovic said...

Love your bottle tree Ally, we have saved every cork from every bottle of wine in the last 6 years and we have tons, we just have huge glass vases filled with them!!! If we owned instead of rented I am sure Tommo would want a bottle tree or two also!!! Love your knitting, looks fantastic

Nichole said...

LOVE the tree!
Cute Max pic!