Monday, December 10, 2007

First tree in years

This year I decided against bringing the 2.5 ft tree already lit and decorated up from the basement where it lives under a plastic bag 11 months of the year.

On Saturday The Saint and I headed up to Greenville to see his friend Tiny aka The Giant and cut a tree. It's always great to see them and while The Saint and The Giant enjoyed a couple of holiday cocktails and caught up on all the latest truck driver gossip cause you know men gossip waaaay more than women The Giant's wife, granddaughter, son and I trekked through the snow to find just the right tree.

And here we have it...and the lights are pretty when you can catch them actually lit. lol

It's tough to catch blinking lights at exactly the instant when most of them are lit. That's a little house down there on the floor lit up. Looks a bit strange in this pic.

Here's this year's favorite ornament; one of Hallmark's Reindeer Girlfriends with her knitting basket. Rena found the set of three knitting, reading, drinking a glass of wine for me, she's such a good child. Love you Rena! I had to have them after seeing them on Grace's blog the other day. Thanks for the tip Grace, these are super cute. They were not easy to find either!

And yes, I actually have been doing some knitting, see...

it's the Irish Hiking Scarf that I'm making for my Mom. I think I'll have to knit in my sleep to get done but whatever it takes :)

I better finish getting ready for work.

Everybody have a great day and thanks to all of you who stop by and say hey.


Purl said...

Delurking to say Hey! Great tree!

Nichole said...

I got some of the reindeer knitting ornaments too! Love it!

clarabelle said...

Wheeee, great tree! You can't beat a real one, I think - they smell so wonderful. You've beaten me - hopefully we're getting one later this week.

Love the shade for your Hiking Scarf - just bought something similar to knit (another!) beret pour moi. Happy knitting!

Grace Yaskovic said...

I haven't found the reindeer ornaments anywhere!!! Glad everyone else is enjoying them The tree is great Ally!!

JessaLu said...

Beautiful tree! Love the ornament ;o)

novice.knitter said...

great tree!