Wednesday, December 5, 2007

wash day and another hat

I have never been so happy to see this...

Laundry spinning around in the washer. Man, two weeks without it has almost driven me crazy! Rena was super nice and did a couple loads; The Saints work uniforms and towels. Everything else has been piling up in the laundry room which also happens to be the way you get into the house, yuk! It's usually messy enough with the shoes, boots, umbrellas, coats, dog beds, yada, yada, I certainly didn't need two weeks worth of laundry piled up back there too. It'll take me a couple of days to get it under control but by the weekend I should be pretty sane again, maybe. *giggle*

On the knitting front, I'm anxiously awaiting Friday. That's when Rena and I will be packing off to the Late Night Yarny Party at City Knitting. We've been once before and it was great fun. We take our folding camp chairs, drinks, snacks and a big bag 'o knitting and hang out with about 50 other knitters, crocheters and spinners from 8pm til 2am. Or however long we can last. She's getting off work at 8 and swoopin by to pick me up. Can't wait!

And, I finished another hat, Hurricane (son Jared's childhood bear) was trying to model it for us but his head just wasn't the right shape and I had to roll the brim which made it look pretty yucky. What is that big hole there? So, here's me, in the hat, that will be going to a nice, dog-loving girl for Christmas.

No, not you Rena! ha ha ha
This is another incarnation of the Helping Hat that canKnitian posted the pattern for. Each one I've made has been different. I have such a hard time counting rows, lol. I just knit til it looks pretty much the same as the set of rows before it and twist it up. I think it turned out ok. The yarn is Philosopher's Wool. I wasn't too crazy about the yarn while I was working it but once I soaked it and let it dry, I love it. Nice and soft and fabulous color. Which my crappy camera really refuses to show you.

Hope all our friends are safe and sound over there in Omaha. It's a strange world we live in. Speaking of friends, we don't have any good news about our friend Ron. After all these weeks he is still in the hospital and classified as unresponsive. They're discussing a trip to Mayo for him. Thanks for continuing to send up good thoughts on his behalf.

Well, the dryer just "buzzed" for the 3rd time so I guess I better go fold some laundry :-)

Everybody have a great day!


Nichole said...

Gorgeous hat! You have a lucky recipient there. :)
Now the laundry thing... I think I might've used that as an excuse to add to my wardrobe! lol

Birdsong said...

Well, that sounds like a grand time to me!! Have a good time and forget about the laundry while you are knitting and snacking:) I love me a good washer and dryer combo, but there's little permanent success in doing the laundry; things just keep getting dirty!

Rena said...

Hey nice hat. Happy for you that your washer got fixed even though it was fun feeling "needed" Can't wait til knitting tomorrow night. YeeHaa

FairyGodKnitter said...

I can't go two days without doing laundry, two weeks would make me pack up what little clean stuff I had left and leave town. Lovely hats.

JessaLu said...

Glad you're washer is fixed! I think it might take me longer to have to do laundry, though - I've made sure RR has enough socks and jeans to last him a few weeks. ;o))

Great hat!