Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Back to the grind

Well, I was back to the old routine at work today. And I am so glad.

I am a routine kind of a person and when I get out of that routine, doing busy stuff, with someplace to be or rather, several someplaces to be every day for 6's a bit much for me. I'm exhausted.

I think I'll hibernate for a couple of weeks now. No more parties please!

On to the knitting... I got all the hats done in time.

Exhibit A: Chef Wes' hat. It was a bit big but when he decided that it would fit nicely over his billed cap it worked out pretty neat. A new style is born. Hat design and yarn called Sheherazade

Exhibit B: Jared's hat. Basic black, nice snug fit. Made of Patons Classic Wool.

Exhibit C: Tammy's hat, looking rather elfish in this pic. Green heather Philosopher's Wool.

Group Exhibit:All photos will biggie size if you click on them.

My greatest accomplishment however, was for Rena. It's the Mason-Dixon Knitting Moss Grid Towel. I thought I would never get it done! But, I plowed on through, sneaking around working on it at lunch and when I knew she was working and there was no way she'd be stopping by with that bossy little Winston, lol.

I took this picture of the towel and the two Ballband Dishcloths I made to go with it just for you, Cass! ;-o The color of the bottle label complimented the knit items nicely too.

I have a really fabulous bag to show you. The Saint spoiled me rotten, as usual. I'll show it to you next time after I install the software for my NEW CAMERA! Can't wait to see how the new pics turn out. Until then, have a great day and stay safe and warm. You'll be amazed at how cool this bag is...


Rena said...

Nice Hats lady!
I absolutely love my cloths and towel. I am a very lucky gal. You too that is an amazing bag that you got for Christmas. And a new camera too you so lucky!!! Thanks for my presents.

Cass said...

SWEET! Dutch chocolate liquor!!! mymymy! :)

What kind of camera did you get?

The hats look SUPER!

Linda said...

Aah...FO's and a new camera. Enjoy!

clarabelle said...

Well done with the lovely hats - I bet the new owners were chuffed! Hope you've had a great Christmas and happy knitting for 2008!