Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In the middle

uh, we'll get to that subject in a second but first, this important stuff...

A couple of really nice people have given me an award and I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to The Fairy Godknitter and Clarabelle.

Two very interesting and inspiring women who's blogs I've been reading since I started blogging myself. When I'm done with my Knit Michigan hats I'll get to what I am supposed to do as a result of receiving such an award. In the meantime, like, til tomorrow evening after The Saint retires for the night, please know how honored I am, I never got a blogging award before *blushing profusely*.

Yes, it's the middle of the week...Wednesday...but it has, for some unknown reason, felt like Friday all day.

Perhaps it was the giddiness of the sales staff at work anticipating this evening's big gala,

or maybe it was the blizzard-like weather we had overnight giving everything a white/shiny/festive appearance this morning (and freezing everything shut that was doors, storm doors, windows that need to go down so I can stick my access card out to get into the parking ramp)

or maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part...ya think?!

Well, anyway, by the end of the day I came to the realization that tomorrow would be Thursday and not Saturday so we still have a ways to go on this week. eh

Here's some nice yarn to look at...

a different pose of my Scout's Swag in Kill Bill colorway. Cool huh? I still can't believe I won something from Scout who I think totally rocks the yarn dying world! Go check out her store and see all the great stuff she has to offer. I absolutely want that Haiku-Grab Bag...I might even have to slip my credit card out of my wallet real sneaky-like and buy it for myself, lol. But, do I want chocolate or nightshade? Oh, the decisions that have to be made, hahaha.

And here we have ...yet another hat! It's made with James C Brett "Marble". 100% acrylic and is oh, so soft. It'll fool ya! I know you're tired of looking at my hats, aren't you? This is the second of three hats that I've made for Lorilee to take to Knit Michigan this weekend. I think I'm gonna make one of these hats for me, but with a solid color yarn so the cable rim will show better. Self-striping, heathered yarn isn't good for least not for photographing.

I'm within a gnat's hair, oh, btw, hey Gnat! of having the 3rd one done . I have to drop it off tomorrow so I'd better get busy!

Have a great day! Git ta knittin!


Cass said...

Looooove the pattern! The colors are gorgeous.

Linda said...

That hat with the cable is cool.

Sigh. What a geek. "Cool" and "hat" in the same sentence.

Nichole said...

That yarn looks even more fetching all wound up! What are you making?

Gnat said...

A gnat's hair. Thanks. :) That is to funny!! The yarn is beautiful and I like that pattern!!

Congrats on the award.