Sunday, February 3, 2008

Unfinished business

And some not-even-started, lol

I was supposed to pick 10 people who make my day and send this award to them. I'll give it a try, if I have to limit the list to 10 - here are my first choices...

Rena: My daughter, BFF, knitter, soon to be my dental hygenist (eek!, lol) Not a regular blogger but since I see her frequently I don't have to depend on her blog to know what she's up to. Love you!
Cass: her ShutUpI'mCounting slays me daily! Sometimes twice daily, hahaha.
Clare: a kindred spirit across the pond. Beautiful knits and great stories.
The Fairy GodKnitter: Fabulous knits. Strong, inspirational and motivational. I'm so glad I stumbled upon her blog one day many months ago.
Nichole : a fellow Dish Rag Tag member, dog enthusiast and rabid Patriots fan. Go Pats! Good luck to them today in the BIG game.
Grace: a woman with mad skillz with the lace! Fellow Dish Rag Tagger and friend.
Purl: A fellow sock knitter and Obama supporter.
Lorilee: Owner of City Knitting. Enthusiastic and super helpful she's a genius with the needles.
Rob: Favorite road-trip yarn shop owner @ Threadbear. Prolific knitter, blogger and yarn enabler. His frequent posts keep me informed about new yarns and upcoming fun events.
Jody: A young and energetic knitter and fabulous photographer.

There are so many more I could list here. I have 123 blogs on my Bloglines list. When everybody posts I have a difficult time choosing who to read when I'm short on time and can't get through the list all at once. Every one has given me great inspiration over the past year or so and I thank them all. If it wasn't for blogging I'd certainly have fewer friends, whether real or imagined, lol.

Then there is this unfinished business...

Ring of Cable hat (4th one in 2 weeks!) a great pattern I found in the latest Knit Picks catalog. It's ready to be grafted and then I'll be picking up the 88 stitches to make the body of the hat. This one's actually for me. I'll be making another but I can't tell you who for, that purple lovin girl is lurking.

Below we have the beginning of the Jersey Shore Weekender from Knitting at Knoon for The Saint. I'm hoping to get it done so he can wear it yet this winter. And hoping that all that Alpaca isn't going to be weighing too much when I get done. The color is called Buckwheat, it's Berroco Ultra Alpaca, isn't it pretty?

And lastly, for today, we have a nice skein of Plymouth Encore in a brilliant purple that isn't well represented by my photo. This will be yet another Ring of Cable hat for someone special on my Pay It Forward list. My goal is to get the Pay It Forward items done by the end of the month. Keep your fingers crossed.

Gotta go knit now, and do some laundry and listen to some football game that everyone but me seems to be really excited about ;-) bleh, and I really should download a new book to my Zen. I finished listening to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, what a great book! You should check it out if you're interested in the food you eat.

So much to do so little time...have a great week and thanks for stoppin by.

Git ta knittin!


Grace Yaskovic said...

thank you for the award --its always great to be appreciated!! I will post it to the blog tomorrow right now I am reveling in the super bowl win!!

Have a wonderful week my friend

clarabelle said...

Thanks for the kind comment, my dear! Yes, kindred spirit sounds about right - definitely a kindred age, I think - are we, dare I say, the 'maturest' knit-bloggers around?!

I love The Saint's sweater pattern, and the Berroco is a great choice - hmm, perhaps one for Igor, methinks...?

Purl said...

Thank you so very much! People think I'm crazy, but I have so many dear Internet friends.

Love the yarn and future knitting projects!

Nichole said...

Aww.. .thanks! :) You are very kind!
I love that Plymouth Encore yarn!