Wednesday, February 27, 2008

embracing the bathroom color scheme

I finally decided to quit denying the existence of the black and white hexagonal tile in the bathroom. The fact that it's been there about 50 years is undeniable. I've tried to overwhelm it with insanely different colors on the walls over the years. Right now it is a really yucky gold color, I'm not sure what I was thinking when I did that. So I'm trying a new tactic with that ugly bathroom...I'm gonna go black and white! Here's the first step...

my version of Nana's Bathmat from the Lion Brand website. The distance from the sink to the potty (which you have to step between to get in and out of the tub) is quite small so I wanted the mat to be small too. I think I've succeeded, lol. It took 4 skeins of Sugar & Cream cotton in white and a smidge of black. The black is 3 rows of single crochet.

I want to thank my friend Carol who hosted a knitting sleep-over at her beautiful Heritage Hill home last Friday night. Thank you, Carol, for letting 14 knitters take over your living room for the evening. We had drinks and snacks and talked a lot. It was great fun. I didn't get to sleep over as she has a couple of adorable kitties that would have made for difficult breathing in the night, I'm allergic. And I didn't get to go back for breakfast on Saturday morning because I had to go to work for the big move, gah! I'm hoping we will be doing it again soon.

There was a nice toasty fireplace that was perfect on a cold Michigan night.

Patrick & Emily took a break from knitting to put together the breakfast casserole

Patrick was knitting a beautiful sock and don't you love his clogs?

He and I were partners in the first class I took at City Knitting. Felted Clogs. We each made one half of a pair of children's size clogs that day. The pair we made were the same color as the ones he's wearing here. He's the smarty that told me I needed to start over on Marialis because I had failed to work 4 rows of seed stitch to start, lol. Love him!

And yet another reason why I love our lava lamp...

sometimes it's just too weird for words...

My friend Marc from work is recovering nicely from his heart attack and subsequent stint placement surgery at age 44! Thanks for your kind thoughts on his behalf.

The Saint has an appointment with Grand River Endoscopy tomorrow so nothing but clear liquids since noon today, he's not a happy camper. I'll have to drag him over there kicking and screaming, I'm sure. Wish me luck! hahaha


Grace Yaskovic said...

tom keeps telling me he is bringing home a lava lamp!!! I am not sure it fits in the house and I told him he could keep it in his van but he doesn't agree!!!!

clarabelle said...

I actually like your black and white tiling, Ally! The rug looks good.

Great knit-over idea - we really, really don't have anything like that here in the UK (my only knitting pals are online, sob).

And I hope your work move is finally over and you can sit and knit in peace!

Cass said...

Wow that mat looks SUPER! I like the tile, and the white mat breaks it up well.

That lava lamp creeps me out.

Nichole said...

So glad your friend is recovering!

LOVE your bath mat... I must make one of those ... someday! lol

Knitting night sounds like so much fun and with 2 young-ins too... I'm cracking up at him telling you you had to rip and start over! BOYS!

Rachel said...

the bath mat looks great!

Birdsong said...

What a great time you must have had... a knitting sleepover sounds like just the thing I need to perk up my winter-weary spirits. I love the clogs, too.