Saturday, November 15, 2008

A hunting he will go...

Yep, I'm a deer hunting widow this weekend. Not complaining! It's been a great weekend so far. I love The Saint but enjoy my alone time too. When I got home from work yesterday he had left this little gift on the dining room table before he went off to the woods. Once again, he earned his nickname...

Last night Rena and I went to the local theatre and saw The Secret Life of Bees. Go see it!!! If you read and liked the book, you'll like the movie. I was glad I grabbed a napkin with my popcorn as it ended up in soggy shreds by the end...if you've read the book, you know what I'm talking about...sob. The casting was spot-on...I want August Boatwright to adopt me, I think she'd be a great Mom and Queen Latifah was perfect in that part. When are they gonna release the soundtrack? The trio of singers in this movie are amazingly talented. I want it now!

In knitting Election Day Socks are finished. I got a pair of socks done in about 3 weeks, that's some kind of record for me. They're pretty fun...nice and heavy for wearing around the house this winter without shoes.
I'm off to find a cardigan vest pattern for The Saint...wish me luck.

Thanks everyone for stopping in and saying hello. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.


Linda said... sweet of him!

Bubblesknits said...

Mmm...those truffles look yummy. Very sweet of him indeed!

The socks look great! Self-patterning yarns are always fun to knit.

Christie said...

Aw, the Saint!