Monday, November 17, 2008

My spiffy newest socks

Wooo, check out my new socks. I-love-them!

Socks That Rock, Knitters w/o Borders colorway.

And doesn't this cloth I made over the weekend remind you a little bit of peppermint candy?


I've been hearing bells jingling in the far distance, I better get busy on the gift knitting. I found a great little gifty thing to knit on Ravelry today. Hope everybody likes soap and felted knits cause this looks like it could be a great stash burner.

Hope everybody had a great Monday. Mine was nothing special at work, just work, meh.

For dinner I made my Grama's Hand-Made Noodle Soup. I had boiled some beef bones most of the afternoon yesterday so I would have fresh stock. I didn't have any Accent, which was always her secret weapon in any soup, but I did put some Chipotle Pepper in to give it a little heat and disguise the fact that it wasn't laden with MSG. The Saint was disappointed there was no meat in the soup so guess I'll have to alter the recipe to accomodate the carnivore. Grama always made it very simply...beef stock, onion, potatoes, handmade egg noodles and a sprinkle of dried parsley at presentation. Nummy! Even thought it's been many years since I've hand-made egg noodles they didn't turn out too bad. I'll have to make it again soon with a few alterations, soup is good food, you know, LOL.


Bubblesknits said...

Wow...that soup sounds delicious! My mom makes a lettuce soup that I look forward to every year. :-)

The socks look great! I've got that colorway sitting in my stash. One day I'll have a LOT of socks. lol

Christine said...

Spiffy socks indeed :)
Yes, that dishcloth does look like peppermint candy. Very festive!

Shorty said...

I love the stripes in that colorway. Didn't think I would at first, but thanks to your socks I know I do now.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Grace said...

love the socks and love soup! your dishcloth is perfect for the holidays

Shine said...

when-- oh when, my dear-- are you going to make me some of that delicious soup?

Nichole said...

Cool socks!