Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chicken, blocking and an upcoming contest for #200

Everyone having a nice day today? Here at Chez B the sun is shining, the air is chilly and The Saint is firing up the grill for the chicken experiment. The tasting plates are ready for the guinea - uh - tasters...hehehe I'll post tomorrow on the results of the chicken experiment w/ photos.


Tomorrow I will be posting to my blog for the 200th time! Leave a comment on my 200th post and you could be the winner of a nice prize! I'll give a # to everybody who comments by noon EDT Friday, April 17. The Saint will pick a #, and that commentor will be the lucky winner. Ways to enter...leave a comment (1 entry) , post a link on your blog to my contest post and come back and let me know you posted (another entry), magic-link me anywhere on Ravelry with a mention of my 200th blog post and come back and let me know you did it (3rd possible entry). That's 3 ways to win a nice yarny prize from my substantial smoke-free stash. And who doesn't like free stuff? Remember to comment on the contest post - Monday, April 13th - Friday, April 17th. Which also coincides with my vacation, hehehe.

The Saint scores again! On a trip to the local home improvement store yesterday he found these...and being The Saint that he is...he called me and asked "will these 24" square mat things work for you to be blocking your sweater or mine whenever it gets finished with?"

Yep, they're perfect! See...that's my Button-less Tank - the back piece, ready to be spritzed - the front is about 1/3 done.

More pics?

Here you go...

just can't seem to get the color to show right - too much sun, LOL.

Don't eat too many eggs today!

ETA: linky to home improvement store


Grace said...

sounds like a good day in Ally-land, I am dieing to hear about the chicken experiment does it involve a can of beer???

Bubblesknits said...

I've thought about getting those, too, but I didn't think about checking Lowe's or Home Depot. :-)

Early congrats on your 200th post!

KnittingReader said...

I have my eyes open for some of those tiles, too. I was going to order them from KnitPicks, but a friend told me to look around for better deals.

Can't wait to hear about the chicken experiment. Have a great vacation!

Miss T said...

That looks like a serious grill!