Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sam says hey!

Sam asked if he could welcome you all to the blog this time...he thinks Boomer gets too much blog time around here... handsome devil isn't he?

I really have been knitting, endless rows of waffle stitch on The Saint's Big-Ass Sweater. The front is almost done and I'm a bit excited about starting the sleeves. I'll be working them at the same time so I can be sure that one doesn't end up longer than the other.

On this very cold but sunny day The Saint and I took a little road trip to pick up my latest internet find...$15 - it needs a lot of cleaning and lubricating but I think with a few hours of TLC this baby is gonna be awesome! She's a White Rotary Model 77 circa 1948. She moves freely when I turn the hand-wheel and that's a good thing. When I get her done she'll sew circles around any of those over-priced-new plastic machines. Gotta love craigslist. And you should see the pile of sweaters I got at GW last week for $28! Being thrifty - it's all about the hunt and so much fun.

I spent a few minutes removing screws to detach the machine from the cabinet frame that was still hanging on to her. I'm thinking the cabinet must have been annihilated at some point. Whoever salvaged her from the cabinet left part of it still attached like an albatross. It took me about 30 minutes of studying and removing screws to get her free. I have been taking lots of photos and notes as I plan is to totally clean and re-wire her should be a good learning experience, right?

The big bonus is that the box of attachments was somehow still with her, even a Greist button-holer. Lots of little gadgets to play with... including this really scary one...
got any idea what this would be for? Notice that sharp spikey looking thing? hmmm

I'm listening to KIPing It Real podcast...if you haven't listened yet, check it out. An interesting mix of knitting and life. I like to listen to podcasts while knitting or sewing as it helps me pretend I'm hanging with other knitting peeps (yeah, I know, I probably need some help, LOL). I also check out Electric Sheep, Stash N Burn, Fiber Beat and Knitmore Girls. If anyone knows of any good sewing podcasts I'd love to hear about them.

Boomer is takin a nap but I know he'd be wishing you all a great week! Yesterday he thought he needed to sleep on Rena while she was here knitting with me... he's so weird sometimes.


Christie said...

That machine is awesome! $15?!?! Crazy!

Rena said...

Whoa cool machine look forward to seeing it in action :)

Channon said...

I think you know I don't sew, but Sam and Boomer are always adorable!

Nichole said...

Sam IS ver handsome... and Boomer is adorable sleeping.

GREAT find!!! Have fun!

And get this, the captia is "carma" - sounds like you've got some good karma!

Bubblesknits said...

I love that picture of Boomer laying on Rena's legs. And Sam is very good looking. :-)