Friday, April 30, 2010

a winner and some new tools

I know I'm late to the Fiber Arts Friday party but it's been a busy week here at Chez B.  I usually put this post together on Thursday evening but I was otherwise engaged last the Whitecaps game.  My dentist threw a par-tay at the ball park and it was loads of fun.  Having our local team win...bonus!

I've been noodling around with this Ten Stitch Blanket for the past week.  I know I should be working on my ZigZig Bag but for some reason the Ten Stitch is more interesting right now...and I don't have to pay attention to which direction I'm zigging or zagging.  I've changed the color combination on this thing three times now and think I've finally decided on a color, turqouise, black and white...whatchu think?

Once I got started with the blanket cable needle was pretty annoying so decided I'd try some straights  *gasp*  I couldn't find a short size 8 around here anywhere so decided I'd have to make one.  I headed to the garage with a pair of 14" size 8 needles, found a crosscut saw and hacked off a few inches, twirled em around in a pencil sharpener, hit em with some sandpaper and some clear nail polish and TA DA!!!  Instead of 14" long bamboo needles that I was never gonna use, I have a nice pair of 7" long, size 8 bamboo needles.

They're awesome, just the right size, sticky enough that I don't keep dropping my blanket off of them and very lightweight.  And no more fiddly cable!

So I did my little drawing for the contest from last week's post...I was amazed that three of you actually guessed right...Allison's name was drawn from the soup bowl by our lovely receptionist Barb.
 This is me in the second grade...
don't you just love those barrettes?  Allison, if you'll send me your addy via Ravelry pm I'll get this little prize package to you asap.

Thanks everybody for playing!  It was fun.

LittleDog says:  Sorry peeps, can't talk now, keeping an eye on my kingdom...

Have a great weekend everybody!


Allison said...

Wow! I won. I sent my address to you via Ravelry. Thanks!

You are very creative and resourceful!

Grace said...

Congratulations Allison!!!

Channon said...

Brilliant! I can't stand long straights, but I think most of my long straights are metal... poooo!

Love that photo of the watch dog. My dogs are really enjoying watching all the birds that have recently returned to the woods.

Bubblesknits said...

I'm thinking of doing something similar today...except I'm going to make a spindle. :)

Congrats to Allison!!!

Rena said...

Hey there. You are so crafty to think of cutting off those needles!!! Always resourceful you are so crafty. Hey to the little dog even though he has his back to us and clearly too busy :)

Nichole said...

LOVE the pic of Little Dog... congrats to Allison.