Monday, July 5, 2010

A lobster boil, fireworks, exhausted dogs and some quilting

It was an awesome weekend!  So sorry it is winding down now heading into another work week.  I didn't really feel awake today until about noon.  Two nights being up late (for me) and I was wiped out.  So much fun...

I stopped at a couple yard sales on Saturday afternoon and picked up this beauty for $10.
 Saturday evening Wes & Rena joined us for a lobster boil that included

This is what happens when D & W throws a big lobster sale on Saturday morning and you can't pass up the $8.99 ea lobsters and $.12 ears of sweet corn.  The Saint set up the steamer on the deck and got to rockin the feast...lobster, corn on the cob, red skin potatoes, mussels & shrimp.  Totally awesome!

and this guy stared at me during the entire meal thanks to some strategic placement by Wes...

After dinner we enjoy a few fireworks in the backyard.

Sunday we drove up to Croton to visit some friends, had a great time sitting on the deck watching the boats cruise by on the river.
Skip & Mary put on a great dinner of pulled pork and some tasty salads.  Then the crowd enjoyed a nice fireworks show over the Muskegon River.  Hope you all had a great 4th of July too.

Today we've been resting, doing laundry and working on the quilt.  The dogs have finally calmed down and are able to get some sleep.  LittleDog spent 3 nights freaked out and is exhausted (despite the Xanax I picked up for him at the vet) so he spent most of the day like this...snoring lightly...
And speaking of you think this is looking ok? 

And, what would you do about stitching around the individual colors on the collar?  I just can't decide what I want to do with that little detail.

Thanks so much for spending a few minutes at Chez B.  We all appreciate your kind words and encouraging thoughts.



Channon said...

What fun! I wish lobster boils were popular around here. I guess I could get the Knight to do his own...

Nichole said...

The quilt is looking AWESOME!
Lobster bake....mmmmmmmm!

Grace said...

i have been so craving lobster, but its too hot to even cook that tonight, so its sea leg salad sandwiches, hummus and veggies and potato salad for dinner

Love the way the quilt is coming

Margaret said...

Those lobsters look great! Looks like you had some great days.
The quilt looks great, too.

Bella doesn't seem to care about the fireworks. Athena worries enough for both of them! Barking and mayhem abounds.

Nerdy Knitter said...

Haha lobster boil was fun :)
I think the collar looks great and maybe stitching around the collar colors would be good but it looks good now too. you have an abundance of talent :)