Friday, August 6, 2010

August already

The summer has flown past and my thoughts are turning to autumn with its cool breezes and crispy favorite time of year.  It's when we can buy collards by the 5 lb sack at the Farmer's Market and eat tomatoes fresh from our own vines.  This year's tomato plant is an heirloom variety that turns a pretty shade of orange when ripe.  I can hardly wait to taste the first one with some mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and balsamic vinegar.  
And, the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan.  It's the weekend of August 20-22 and I can hardly wait to get down there and see what all my fibery friends have in their booths.  I know at least 3 fiberistas who will be plying their wares in the barns this year.  Rita from Yarn Hollow, Rachel from Counting Sheep Farm and Andrea from Wonder Why Alpaca Farm.  I'll be looking for that special something that one of them is sure to have.

Autumn also means we'll be able to sit on the deck in the evening and not have our behinds stuck to the chairs when we get up.  Wearing shoes & socks again, something I cannot stand once the temperature gets up past 75.  I'll make an attempt to finish the Big Ass Sweater...anybody remember that project?  I haven't touched it in months.  Knitting on it is a cold weather activity, much like wearing an afghan, LOL.

There are many reasons to look forward to autumn in my opinion.  I'm sad to see the summer months fly by but I will not miss the endless run of miserably hot and humid weather we've had this year.  I'd like to order some 72 and sunny weather for the next few weeks but that would be asking too much according to the forecast.

My fibery offering this week is a little sock I made for my Zen. I think it's cute.

  And some quilt stitching...up close...
 I also wanted to show you this pretty vase I picked up for a dollar at a yard sale last weekend.
 I do enjoy some cut glass for storing my knitting needles and other long pointy things.  So pretty.

And some crazy dogs...LittleDog thinks he is so tuff.  I missed the part when he was taunting Sam by giving him the stink-eye and jiggling his tail really fast.  Maybe next time...they do this stuff every day.

Thank you so much for coming, I hope you enjoyed your visit.
Be sure to check out my friends who also celebrate Fiber Arts Friday.


Ellen said...

I did enjoy my visit! I could almost taste your gorgeous tomatoes! Have a great summer weekend.

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

I love that fall is fast approaching - we have had a couple of cooler mornings lately (although it won't last) and it is making me anxious for some of the cooler, crisp days ahead.

Very envious of your tomatoes - next year is my year to plant a veg garden, I think!

Kathryn Ray said...

I've noticed that some of our trees are starting to change. I guess it's been a little cooler at night, but I didn't think it was enough to make that sort of difference.

I have a garden in my future too... I will break ground this month, even if it's only one shovel-ful.

I love your vase.

Channon said...

It's 100+ again today. Bring on October, thanks?

We try to remember to scold Gretchen before we laugh when she snarls and snaps at Sissy, while guarding a toy. She might be a tough terrier, but she weighs less than a 1/4 of what Sis does!

WonderWhyGal said...

Thoughts of Autumn are on my mind too. I can't wait to start knitting my own socks...this week I start my first sweater. HOORAY! I love the vase.

Bubblesknits said...

I can't wait for Fall to get here. Football, cool air,'s my favorite time of year. And this summer has been plain miserable in the heat dept..

Great find on the vase!