Friday, September 24, 2010

Fiber & Arts Friday 9/24/10

Art Prize has arrived in our fair city.  It's a big, 18 day art party.  I've walked more in the past 3 days than I have in the past year, I swear.  Lots of amazing things to see around Grand Rapids and I hope to see the bulk of them making the best of every spare minute I can find.

Since I've been running short on time I'll have to post links to some of my photos this week...I totally falked out last night and forgot today was some linkies for interesting photos.

Steam Pig at The B.O.B.

I acquired another sewing machine for my herd...Free Westinghouse, turquoise thanks to Marcia's family having a yard sale I got this beauty for $25.  Needs a bit of tlc but I'm sure she'll be shining when I get done.

The Austermann Step socks this week were finished...

and the stripes almost match.  Actually they're only off by 2 rows so they appear to match don't they?

Got a little spinning time in with my drop spindle on Sunday with the Grand River Spinners and had a wonderful time with the GR Knitters & Crocheters at the Urban Mill on Wednesday evening.  I have pics put can't access them.  Next post I'll have more photos, promise. 

Tomorrow I'll be hanging with the ZPDKs at Wonder Why Alpaca farm.  I can't wait to get there.  Map, knitting and spinning stuff in my to-go bag and the blocking wires Kim wanted to borrow are in my car so I can make a fast get-a-way after breakfast in the morning.

As always on Friday there are lots of interesting bloggers checking into the FAF spot on Andrea's blog.  Please go visit them, you'll see some great things and meet some wonderful folks.


knitwithsnot said...

Ally!! I saw a green sewing machine, with F and R in a table for $25. Do you want me to pick it up for you and bring it to Wonder Why Gal's? You neeeeed another one!!

Dutch Hollow said...

Whoo hoo, you finished your socks, they look great. From the photo the stripes look fine. Have fun at Wonder Why, Sounds like a party I wish I could make.

Kim Wood said...

This blog makes me so excited for so many reasons. 1. Your socks are lovely. 2. I am mentioned. 3. The scarf/shawl/lace thing I knit is all ready for the blocking. 4. We will see each other tomorrow! I am so happy!

Channon said...

The socks match. If you hadn't told us they were off a bit, we'd never have known!

Enjoy your weekend!

Grace said...

fabulous socks, I love then!!!

Caryn said...

Adorable socks!!

WonderWhyGal said...

I LOVE those socks!

I can't wait to see you tomorrow. I'm so excited that you are visiting my farm. I loved your photos that you posted on FB yesterday too. Now I want to drive to GR to see all the art. I'll be there Tuesday for Doc Appt so I might have to venture north to downtown.