Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fun on a Sun-day

 Paula wearing her "camo" hat...bet you can't see her for all the Jacobs, hehehe
 So many lambs that you couldn't catch them all with just one shot of the camera

 The majestic horns of a Jacob Ram

My spinning friend Paula rode along today for a visit to Hillside Jacob in Sparta, MI.  Set in the beautiful rolling hills north of Grand Rapids. It's a beautiful setting for the equally striking Jacobs. A breed with soft fleece in a combination of white/black or white/black/brown/grey combination.  We were escorted around the farm by Dixie, the enthusiastic dog of the farm.  The newborn lambs were too plentiful to count with a few that had just been born this morning, just getting their "sea legs".  There were also Shetland sheep in a smaller number along with a couple of Pot-bellied Pigs, a gaggle of geese, Banty hens and rabbits.  Gary Anderson was nicer than nice and had some beautiful fleece still available at an unbelievable price.  The Jacob fleece is light and soft and has less grease than the Corriedale that I picked up yesterday.  I'll certainly be keeping tabs on his flock of sheep and contemplating which fleece I'll be dreaming of for next year.

It was most amusing to me as I drove away from the parking lot on Plainfield Avenue after moving stuffed garbage bags from my car to Paula's then her handing me cash and then driving off in opposite directions  Fleece trafficing!  LOL  I have a feeling this will be happening again.

Must go clean my boots!


Channon said...

LOVE those little lambs. So incredible!!

Catherine said...

Those lambs are adorable. I loved the fleece trafficking immage (I bet they went straidgt into Paula's stash too!)

Bubblesknits said...

lol Can you imagine what a police officer would think had he witnessed the exchange? heehee

Those lambs are precious!

Nerdy Knitter said...

They are so speckled so cute!!!