Friday, March 21, 2008

So much for spring...

This is my back yard this evening...

hope the Easter Bunny has snow shoes, LOL.

I am painfully close to being done with my second Killer Biller sock. A good long day at City Knitting tomorrow and I should be finished. Isn't this Scout's Swag yarn super cool?!

Eek, I just caught sight of Lederhosen, mmm, love that color combo! Isn't it beautiful? That Scout has a way with the colors.

An now I've been distracted by this it's so lovely, I want to knit lace. Like I have nothing else to do, riiiiight? Ah, I'll add it to my list and hope that I get through all the patterns I have stacked up sometime before I can't see good enough to knit anymore, hahaha. I wish Grace lived closer to me so she could show me how. She's a wiz with the lace!

Since it's been a bit sloooooow at work this week I was surfing around and now I've been sucked into the world of podcasts. Not sure how I stumbled onto this but once I got there, there was no turning back. They've got me! Oh, wait! I know how I got there, Ravelry! It's such an enabler in so many arenas. If you're not signed up for Ravelry yet, go, do eet, you'll love eet, I promisss (in my best Peter Lorre voice)

And speaking of scary things (in a funny scary kinda way)...have you read Cass' blog post for today? Go over there and read it, be sure to go potty first though. This morning I was ROFLOLTNTPMP while reading it. She cracks me up!

Have a great holiday weekend if you celebrate Easter. If not, just have a great weekend! I know I'm going to!


clarabelle said...

Oh no, your garden - just when it had all cleared. We have snow here, but nothing on that scale...

Take care with the lace, young lady - once it gets hold of you, there's no turning back. Be warned!

Have a great Easter!

wildflower38 said...

I'm shock looking at your back yard! How many inches is it?

Love your socks!

JessaLu said...

Well...I'd rather have snow than all the rain we've been getting here. Everything looks so dreary! Snow, however, makes everything sparkly and bright. ;o)