Sunday, March 30, 2008


Don't you just love Wee Tiny things?

obsess: to preoccupy intensely or abnormally

Knitting/crocheting is an obsession for me. Whether that's good or bad depends on the perspective.

My house would probably say my knit/crochet obsession is a bad thing as the dog-hair tumbleweeds roll across my dining room floor. LOL

If you are my husband and want to go to the NCAA tournament in Detroit for the weekend, my obsession can be a good thing as my first thoughts at his mention of going were of sitting for hours knitting and not feeling guilty because I'm not giving him enough attention.

My budget...this one is a toss-up...of all my hobbies, knitting/crocheting isn't the most or least expensive I've indulged in so it could be better or worse.

If you're my daughter, Rena, it's definitely a good thing as Rena has the same obsession (only no anti-knitting, as she refers to crochet, for her)

This knit/crochet obsession is keeping me from cleaning my house today, I can't get that crochet dress off my mind. While cleaning out my car getting ready for the aforementioned NCCA trip on Friday, The Saint "found" a box (20 skeins) of cotton/acrylic that's I've been driving around for months. The same box of yarn that was in my office at work for several months before I put it in my car. I got a "good deal" on eBay and couldn't I pass it up. 20 skeins of cream cotton/acrylic for cheap! Certainly enough to make the dress. Now that I've figured out it's the correct gauge, I-want-to-crochet, endlessly!

And if you are my carpal tunnel syndrome...well, you know, it's been a few pain-filled days. I'm not one to complain about it since it is resulting from too much of something that I enjoy doing. However, I've had to resort to wearing these at night, again. gah! Hate 'em. Hate aging and having nerves and joints that protest when I try to work them like they're still teenagers. I'm gonna try to take a soon as I get this dress done...ROFL

And I've got a new toy, it's gonna help me be more organized, and send faster text messages to The Saint. In theory, I won't need this paper calendar anymore, yay! And I can even check my email, from anywhere. Ah, technology...I won't have to miss a single Knitty email no matter how far away from home I am. lol Thanks everybody for stopping by and leaving comments. I've recently gotten word that I may have a guest blogger sometime soon. She's the author of one of my favorite knitting novels, an advance copy of her new book is on it's way to me as you read this, it's so exciting...stay tuned

In the meantime Sam wants to know "Whe'a da paw-ty at?"


Amy said...

Ooo, a mystery guest blogger! How fun!

Acupuncture for the carpal tunnel. Try it. It works.

Rena said...

Obsessions are good. How did you know I would agree. Its like you are my mom or something. Have a good week. I have to go work on my wee tiny sock.

Nichole said...

Oh... a celebrity mystery blogger? How did you score that??!!

Grace Yaskovic said...

i am obsessed I admit it, I love knitting, yarn, and tea, I spend more money then I should but I am very charitable with the end result so I think I am good there. I don't want to even discuss the aches and pains of getting older but my right wrist hurts too!!!

Bubblesknits said...

Oh, that wee tiny sock is definitely addictive. This was my first one and I can see myself making a *cough*few*cough* more of themm.

wildflower38 said...

I have yarn "hidden" at work too. lol

clarabelle said...

Don't you worry about your obsession: it looks like only the house loses out! Bah to all housework...

And don't get me going on joint/nerve pain with us ageing ladies, trying to act all youthful. Bah to all joints that don't work any more!

Can't wait to see how the dress turns out (although I like to see crochet, I don't want to do it). Bah to anti-knitting!