Friday, March 7, 2008

A Worthy Cause

I found this contest and thought I'd pass it along to all of you.

Contest closes at midnight on March 10, 2008 so hurry over there and get your chance at that bag!

You could win a super cool Nemaste Jetsetter in black and the donations go to benefit Hope Lodge in Grand Rapids, a place where out of town cancer patients and their caregivers can stay during treatment here.

Go, now, your donation will be a great help to some deserving folks. And you could win a fabulous new bag!
Max and Sam (above) are just eye candy for today. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to say hey while you're here.


Nichole said...

That's a GREAT photo!

Purl said...

Hey Ally B!

Thanks for the information and the great eye candy. Have a good weekend!

clarabelle said...

hi Ally! Max and Sam look like they're getting ready to chill for the weekend... have a good one!