Sunday, May 31, 2009

a smile and some sewing

Ever been driving down the street and see something that makes you go huh?...and smile to yourself?

On my trips across town to pick up my grand daughter I pass this business. It always makes me smile. Black Castle/Community Tax Service...

It's not every day you see a business that combines food with tax help. That's certainly an example of diversification. Don't you think?

We're in the midst of a very nice weekend here at Chez B. Yesterday after breakfast with my kids I made a trip to the Farmer's Market for some herb plants. I'll put them in my little garden today. I drove way beyond my usual driving circle to Smith-Owen Sewing Center to check out their big sale...4 fat quarters and a skirt pattern later (for less than $20 bucks!) I was on my way for a visit with some knitting peeps at Biggby Coffee. I got a few rows done on my waffle sock and had some friendly conversation, along with a very tasty beverage.

Later, back at Chez B there was pattern graphing going on. I decided that Boomer needs a raincoat. I found a great pattern on the Handwoven Magazine site. I bet he'll look great in a red vinyl slicker with a plaid lining. I picked up the vinyl for about $5 and had a piece of plaid upholstery fabric in my stash. I have it cut out and pinned together, sewing will commence some time today...

I also picked up these new fangled scissors for super cheap on sale.

Pretty awesome huh?

I've also been cruising eBay again. Looking at sergers and vintage sewing machines. After seeing what they're going for I believe I'll have my White Rotary rewired and see how I like using it before I invest in any more machinery. When cleaned up and re-wired it will look a bit better than it does now.
Isn't she a beauty? And she's in a very nice Martha Washington style cabinet too. I love old machines, have owned many over the years. They are works of art and built to last, for-eh-vah!

Oops, gotta go, The Saint says it's time for the shake-down cruise on the boat. Back soon...


KnittingReader said...

Great pictures! I love the sewing machine and Black Castle. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Channon said...

Neat, neat post. Are the scissors comfortable?

Bubblesknits said...

Speaking of odd combos, when we were in the Bahamas, we saw a dentist/dry cleaners. LOL Ever since then, I've told the hubby to just think about how much money he could be making if he did dry cleaning too. ;-)

Love the old sewing machine! My mom still has my great grandmother's.