Saturday, September 26, 2009

Art Prize Part 2

I am overfull with the amount of art I tried to take in today.

Open Water #24 by Ran Ortner w/ Field of Reeds by John Douglas Powers in the foreground
I started at the Old Federal Building shortly after noon and spent about an hour and a half looking at all the pieces there,stopped into the Waters Building to see St. Francis by Mic Carlson

and checked out Big Think on Calder Plaza.

There's a mural on the wall at City Hall that I've always wanted to get a photo of and today was my chance... A quick stop at The Press Building to see The Lawyer and Four Red Piranha by Martin Hueter then I was off on my journey north on Monroe Ave along the river.

I found a loft space I'd love to live in!

Eye See Tree by Marissa BeroTelos by Ray Katz
I've spent many nights standing on the Sixth Street Bridge (pictured above) with The Saint catfishin. It's truly a great time to be living in the Furniture City.

My feet are sore and my legs probably won't work in the morning but I'll have to get em going again by noon for sure. There's so much more to see!


Bubblesknits said...

That looks absolutely amazing! I love the frog mural.

Grace said...