Saturday, September 5, 2009

on the water before dawn...

In case you were wondering, a full moon gives light but no warmth so we were freezing our butts off!

An hour trolling in the dark, navigating by the moon over Lake Michigan was amazing.
The sun rose and was spectacular. A light fog burned off and the landscape began to materialize.

The stack at the power plant at Port Sheldon appeared on the eastern horizon and made it a bit easier to navigate.

Like a fire in the sky the sun was climbing fast and we were looking forward to the heat it promised to bring.

The lines sang in the trolling-speed breeze

We had electronic evidence that there were actually fish swimming somewhere below us
(those two blips are supposed to be fish!)

but the net stayed idle this day

perhaps the salmon don't like to eat when the lake is like glass but it made for a nice boat ride

we had to high-tail-it back to the launch so we could get to MickyD's in time to still get breakfast, LOL

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy the photos and commentary. Please have a safe and happy Labor Day holiday.


Bubblesknits said...

My mom took the boy-child fishing for the first time today and he caught two brim. :-) I wish I could have been there, but she has pictures on her phone. Now to just figure out a way to get them on my computer! lol

Glad you had a good trip! Love the pictures of the sunrise.

Rena said...

fishin was fun :) very calming

Grace said...

really fantastic pictures!!!

Nichole said...

Pretty pics!

NeedleDancer said...

Since I prefer sailing, that glass like water might have been a problem... but the view would surely have distracted me.

Thanks for all the pretty pictures.