Sunday, September 27, 2009

Art Prize Part 3

Jason Hackenwerth showing at UICA and around town

Today I toured the ArtPrize venues in the Heartside District. Which included some of the most
whimsical Afterimage series by Betsy Stirratt at UICA
and emotionally charged art in the competition, in my opinion.

La Llorona by Mandy Burrow at 106 Gallery
I feel the need to see some of the pieces again just to see if it was the day, my mood, the large-noisy crowds or truly the art itself that made me so emotional today.

Art Church (The Sacred and Sacrilegious) by Sanctuary Folk Art Artists

There was no lack of historical/architectural sight-seeing today either...
the bottom tier of the fountain in the Civil War Memorial

and the buildings along South Division Ave are always of interest
Then this made me smile...Thank you for not mentioning my lack of knitting, hehehe, I'm knitting, just not knitting anything worth photographing right now.

click on photos to see more detail

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Grace said...

great photographs Ally!