Sunday, September 20, 2009

lots o' knitting and a little crochet too

Been crazy busy with the needles this week. I actually cast on the same sock 4 diff times before I got it the way I wanted it. First I couldn't decide what pattern to use, each needed a different # of stitches to cast on, then I couldn't get it to be the right # of stitches for who. knows. why. It's such a challenge sometimes.
So I have another Cookie A's Summer Sox cast on, finished the Belgian Chocolate one I was working on...

love this pattern and how the sock fits. The new sock is knit with Crystal Palace Mini Mochi color #103. My good friend Deb brought it to me from her vacation up north. It's sort of a bribe so I'll teach her how to knit socks, LOL. The yarn is so soft and beautiful it seems a shame to put it on feet but I'm gonna anyway!

There is also a little crochet project going on here...Little Button Loafers, for a friend's new baby. So cute I can't stand it, just the soles made me go awwww.I actually got to hang out at City Knitting most of the day yesterday...first time in a long time and I've really missed all of my CK peeps. I'm hoping for some interesting classes this year, I could use some more motivation and inspiration.

I've been hearing The Saint's Big Ass Sweater calling me. I'm hoping to have it out and rockin again by the end of this week. With Tuesday being the official first day of's time...

...and Happy Fall everybody, the trees here are already turning pretty colors and dropping their leaves.

What are you working on for Fall?


Bubblesknits said...

Those are absolutely PRECIOUS!!! Definitely deserving of an AW. :-)

I'm working on my Maple Leaf Shawl. I've only got about 4 more repeats to go before I pick up stitches for the border.

Grace said...

love the booties

Herbivore is my current fave project but doing Fleur de Lis and Feather Duster too, all good projects bringing the Dane Shawl, The Happy Trails shawl and some beginner fair isle with me for vacation

I must look up Jessies Maple Leaf shawl!

clarabelle said...

hello Ally!

I think your fall (or autumn as we say) is a bit earlier than ours. I must admit that I love autumn: the colours, the cooler air, and the Indian summers.

Clare X

clarabelle said...

Ooh, I love that Mini Mochi yarn (I actually thought it was Noro sock yarn for a minute) - must check out if I can buy it over here...

The baby booties are gorgeous! I've also been busy knitting baby clothes for my new great-niece.