Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sew Mo Risin

A title tribute to an old fav...Clare will know who...

Two pair of Coquette socks are finished. I won't be making any more of these. As cute as they are...that cuff was a bitch! I never want to do a k3tog on size "0" needles again!In an effort to get my mind right about events beyond my control I've been communing with my Singer 327 the past couple of days. It's great therapy. I love her...My intention was to make The Saint a couple new pair of jammies. I picked up some flannel on sale yesterday for this pattern...Since the fabric was 60" wide I had remnant flannel. As I picked up the pile of scraps I noticed how soft, heavy and warm it was...hmmm, wonder if there would be enough to make a lap blankie for The Saint. Something to put across his lap while he's watching tv at night.

I grabbed the rotary cutter and a 6" by 12" ruler and started cutting and stacking up the pieces. Then got busy with my trusty old Singer and started sewing the resulting, odd length blocks together in strips. With Stephen King's Under the Dome playing in the background I whipped through the pieces and ended up with a nice 48" x 76" quilt top in just about 4 hours.

I'll run out later and get a polyester batt then make a nice warm sandwich.

Have a great weekend!


Grace said...

Oh I miss quilting but knitting has me firmly in its grasp and someone stole my sewing machine right out of my car back in August so I don't even have that option anymore.

WonderWhyGal said...

Those socks look so beautiful! Eek! I don't ever want to use a size 0. Yikes! I just switched up from size 3 to 5 on my Sassy Hat...I am definitely not a small needle person so kudos to you and your beautiful socks and you sew...You're awesome!

clarabelle said...

Oooh, Jim looks so handsome in that wiki photo... swoon.

I think those socks look great, though as someone who doesn't enjoy sock knitting, I can understand your angst (in part).

I wish I could like sewing, but I don't. I'm honestly in awe of your sewing abilities. You are too sweet to make a sewn blankie for The Saint!

Rena said...

I am anticipating a view of the quilt top you made :) hope you are having a good day, off to the inlaws that hate me. I hate when i have to be nice to people that i know don't like me. Oh well only a couple of hours.

love you!