Tuesday, May 25, 2010

LittleDog goes to the vet

Hello everybody!  Don't forget to enter the contest to win pretty yarn and a nice pattern.  Contest is open til Friday, May 28th at 10pm.  Thank you to all of you who have left comments already.  It's great to hear what you all think about the blog.

A big Happy Birthday to my good friend Kim!

LittleDog and I had to take a trip to the vet this morning.  He spent most of the day yesterday spewing at random intervals.  He was feeling better by dinner time but I thought I'd better keep the appt I had made and get him a once-over.  He got a bath and got his harness on and off we went but he wasn't very happy at first...
 We got salve for his crusty nose and cleaner for his cruddy ears, a toe nail trim and a couple of treats.  Vet says he's good-to-go!

When we got home I put a half dozen oatmeal cookies in the oven so The Saint and I could have some fresh.  Had to get them done before noon as it is gonna be another scorcher today here in W Mi.  It'll probably be another salad night at Chez B.  Too hot to cook on the stove.

Spent most of the day some time yesterday getting better acquainted with my 185k.  She's a super nice little machine and does a great job sewing quilt blocks together.  Can't show you what I'm working on at the moment as it is super top secret.  Here's a nice pic of the 185k though...
It's time to whip up some lunch now then I'll be spending some more time with her.  I've got more letter blocks to put together this afternoon

while I listen to the second part of my latest Audible download.  If you like graphic crime stories you should check out Stieg Larsson...he's awesome!  His third, and last, book is supposed to be available today.  I'm sad that he died and this will be the last book about Lizbeth Salandar...I think she's awesome.

Hope everybody has a great day today.  I'm sad I didn't get to participate in the Wonder Shearing today but I know I'll get down to Andrea's farm some time soon.  I'll bet there having a great time...



Nichole said...

Glad to hear Boomer is doing well... and looking happier on his ride home! :)

Allison said...

Trips to the vet are always fun... Glad LittleDog is feeling better.

I've heard of Stieg Larsson and want to read him someday.

Margaret said...

Awwww...look at that grumpy face driving to the vet! He's such a cute pug.

Stieg Larsson must be a good writer. You're the second blog that I've read tonight that was excited about his new book coming out.