Sunday, November 11, 2007

Meet my new little friend

The Irish Hiking Scarf...(all the photos can be biggie-sized by giving them a click)

knitting with Philosopher's Wool that has a pretty high lanolin content and smells like it is barely removed from the sheep, lol. So for a few days I'll have "sheepy" hands. It isn't labeled so I have no idea what the color is other than heathered green. The above picture represents the color pretty well on my monitor. The wool is course with a few tiny bits of dried grass in it. The bits of grass make for some scratchiness but it looks very natural, lol. My tree-hugging, earth-girl, friend Deb asked if I was making it for her for Christmas, I'm giving that some serious thought, heh.

Since it's just practice the scratch isn't a big deal. I think my hands are getting immune to it as they don't seem to be complaining as much today as they did a couple days ago. I love this pattern. It's super simple with an 8 row repeat and the yarn I'm using is springy so it is making a very distinct cable and holding it's shape well.

Closer-up view with really crappy color...

In other news...I'm just about an inch from doing the toe decreases on my neopolitan Monkey.
I don't know why it's taking me so long to get these socks made. I love the yarn, the color of the yarn and the Monkey pattern...I just don't understand why I'm not working on them more. I think it's that darned ASJ blocking my progress, hee hee.

The rows on the ASJ are quite long now and a bit monotonous but I am plowing ahead in hopes of having a new sweater before Thanksgiving. I've made it to the neck opening rows so I really am making some good progress. I'm liking the color arrangement so far. Whatchu think?

Some of the boys from the "west side" got together at Chez B last night for Fish n' Spaghetti! A big THANKS goes to #2 daughter, Jaime for making the spaghetti, it was delish and Chef Wes, thanks for your contribution to the evening as well (wink-wink) A great time was had by all...notice the Temptations pose, ROFL.

There was, however, one missing...The Saint's very closest friend, Ron Clark was not able to attend the party as he is in a coma in a local hospital. He suffers from COPD and has had some serious medical challenges the past couple of weeks. When prayerful thoughts cross your mind in the next few days could you please add Ron to your list of recipients? His wife, their many children and grandchildren and the crew pictured above would really appreciate any help Ron can get in the good thoughts department. We're not ready to let our friend go yet, at 54 he's way too young, thanks for caring.

Malcom, The Saint and Ron in June '05 BFF!


Nichole said...

Very interesting yarn... and a beautiful scarf!!!
Cute pics of "your boys" !

Nichole said...

Many good vibes, thoughts & prayers to hubby's friend for a speedy recovery!

Alana - Knit Wit said...

That scarf is just beautiful. Wow!! Makes me want to get out my needles and knit one!

All the best to your dear friend.

wildflower38 said...

Gorgeous scarf!

This year has been a rough year for friends! I' praying for yall's friend.