Monday, November 26, 2007

FOs and a special evening

Hello evrybodee!

Debbie Stoller is coming to town! I can't wait for Wednesday to get here. Stitch n Bitch is the first knitting book I ever purchased and I'll be standing in line to have it signed, you bet! There's a little happy hour celebration at City Knitting before the book signing at Schuler Books and that should be great fun too.

I've been off work since last Wednesday and guess what I've been doing...besides eating and raking leaves...

KNITTING!!! 3 hats, thanks canKNITian for the pattern, and a Ballband dishcloth. And I've gotten 12 more rows done on my EZ ASJ. Nothing like a weekend of power knitting to get that old carpal tunnel syndrome flared up! lol Where's the ibuprofen?!

I really like the yarn in the red one and the green one. It's Schulana Colardino. I found it at my LYS but this eBay link has a good picture of the yarn.

Here's a closer up look at the hats...

I've decided that if I make any more with that pattern they'll be in solid color yarn so you can see the cables better. I just couldn't resist the colors of the Colardino though.

Now I'm working on a teeny tiny sweater ornament with my leftover Ice Cream Sundae yarn from the Neopolitan Monkey that I made. I really need to get busy on the Monkey's mate but there are so many other things to work on right now, waaaaa.

So, it's been a lot of years since we've had a Christmas tree, other than the 2 ft tree I keep in a garbage bag in the basement, completely lit and decorated, and I'm wondering how long a tree will last once you cut it down. I'd really like to have a real tree this year with lots of pretty decorations and lights but I really hate cleaning up all those needles when you drag it out of the house the week after the holiday. Anybody got any ideas on that?

Thanks for stoppin by. Have a great week and knit somethin.


Cass said...

WOW you got a lot of knitting done! Is that a quilt under your FOs? As for the live tree, they'll live at least month or more if you: cut off about an inch on the bottom before you put it in the stand, put about a cup of sugar in a gallon of water to feed it every other day, and as for the needles everywhere, we put a giant trash bag under our tree skirt, setting the tree stand right in the middle of it, and when it's time to take the tree out we just pull the giant trash bag up and around the tree and stand and all and drag it out. We still have needles to vacuum up, but that's no biggie. Plus it smells so nice! We like supporting a small local tree farm where he only cuts what he sells, so no trees go to "waste". :) HTH! xoxo

canknitian said...

More hats! They look awesome!

Nichole said...

Lucky you to get to meet Debbie!!! I'm jealous!

Great FO's!!!

Rena said...

Wow you got so much knitting done!!!! The FO's all look great. I am so sad that I don't get to go to the book signing with you. I hope you have fun.