Wednesday, November 28, 2007

An Evening with Debbie Stoller

WARNING: Lots of pictures in this post.

Woo-hoo! I got to meet Debbie Stoller tonight and she signed my Stitch n Bitch book. We had a little happy hour get-together at City Knitting, thanks Lorilee! followed by a trip to Schuler Books on 28th St for Debbie's introduction of her new book and some book signing. It was way fun!

Debbie Stoller, Kim, Lorilee, someone I don't know and Jessica! (italicized people are the fabulous City Knitting crew)

Debbie brought a few items to show us from her new Son of Stitch n Bitch book including this beautiful double knit argyle scarf.Leslie (sorry if I've misspelled your name) modeled this cute hat.

And just to prove I was there, that's me cheesin in the background, looking like I was actually involved in the conversation, lol. Notice how Debbie and I both chose red for the evening. hehe

Lorilee presented Debbie with her very own Know Your Cuts t-shirt and tote bag. Doesn't she look surprised?!

I believe a fun time was had by all.

I'll leave you with one last pic from Schuler's.

please ignore the head in the center of the picture :-)


clarabelle said...

Great photos, and glad you got into one of them! And all that yarn in the background... you don't know how lucky you all are in the US, with all your fantastic yarn stores, etc.

Btw, I really like Debbie's Argyle scarf...

Cass said...

How exciting! Looks like a blast- I wish I could have been there! That argyle scarf is awesome. Lucky you AllY!

Amy said...

How fun! She's going to be here tomorrow at a local craft show. Should be a good time.

Holly Bee said...

Thanks for sharing all your awesome photos!!! It looks like everyone had a great time!!!

Woohoo for Debbie Stoller and SnB's everywhere!!!!

anna said...

oh my, i have always wanted to meet Debbie!!! you're so lucky! :-D

Nichole said...

I'm so jealous!!! You're so lucky!!! And it looks like it was a really fun, intimate type setting too - very cool!!!!!!!!!

Rena said...

I am so sad I had to miss the party. It is a bummer to have to work when others are having fun :) It looks like you had a wonderful time without me. Talk to you soon!!!!

LesleyD said...

Oh wow!!! Too freakin cool!!!! I'm jealous. LOL
Looks like you had a blast!!!