Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thanks and thank goodness with some FIADE, last edition, thrown in

Thanks a bunch for all the input about comment email addresses. It's great to hear from everyone. I'm being told that there is an extra box to put your email address in when you leave a comment but maybe not everyone is getting that. hmmm curious...

It's been a really busy week. We've been helping Rena and Chef Wes paint and move to their new place. It's so cute! This was taken at night but you'll get the idea...

Home Sweet Home

She won't be right down the street anymore but she'll be in a nice quiet neighborhood and the new neighbors that they've met seem to be very nice. There's a neighborhood watch so people are looking out for each other and that's a great thing to have in any neighborhood. So we got all the painting done inside that they wanted to do before moving in (the thank goodness part of this blog) and they finally got to spend the night on Wednesday. I know it seems like a never ending process but I've promised her that one day she'll look around and everything will be put away and life will be running along smoothly again. It's great how life works that way.

I haven't gotten much knitting done, wait, no, yes, I have made great progress on my Neopolitan Monkey. When did I have time to do that? I didn't go to City Knitting yesterday since Rena had to work and I was a good doobie and got some things done around home. I love that you can knit and do laundry at the same time, hee. And here we have it...

A little blurry but it's been a long day, my patience is limited and the sun is almost gone. I've turned the heel and done about 4 rows of the foot. I'm hoping to get most of the foot done this evening. So the ASJ is languishing for a bit but I'll get back too it soon. Since I have the mo going on this sock thing I'm gonna stick to it. The Monkey pattern is so interesting and once you get the hang of it, it's simple to knit. I did at one point the other night make the mistake of stopping and looking at the sock and saying to myself "this is really looking good" at which point I messed it up and had to tink back a row and a half. meh. Note to self: No admiring the sock before it is finished!

Winston (Rena's dog) has been spending the night with us since the big move started a week ago. He likes that he can play with Max and Sam when he feels the need. Mostly he likes to do this...

He's been extra happy to be here since The Saint and I rearranged the living room last night. Now the white leather (white?, were we crazy!) sofa is now in front of the living room window and he has exclusive access to the view of the street since Max and Sam aren't allowed on the furniture. I know they're cussin about it too. lol


Fall Into Autumn Dishcloth Exchange

How was your experience in the exchange? Did you enjoy the folks you met? Did you just love the cloth and goodies you received? Please share any thoughts, criticism, and things you loved!

I had a great time putting together the package I sent to Grace. It was fun having her as my partner since we had already met on the Lucky 13 Dishrag Tag team. I haven't received my package yet but have heard from my spoiler that it will be on the way shortly. I'll post some pics when it gets here. This was fun. I'd do it again.

I'm off now to knit a bit and unwind in preparation for the work week that starts again tomorrow. bleh We'll have a new GM tomorrow, maybe a few things will be different around the place. Guess I won't be wearing jeans, lol.

Good thoughts go out to my friends in other parts of the country where they're not having the good fortune to enjoy a beautiful autumn day. Let's hope that Georgia gets the rain they need to relieve their water shortage and that the fires are put out quickly in Southern California. That whole fire situation is just too scary to me. We know we are so fortunate here in so many ways and count our blessings daily. Be careful out there!


clarabelle said...

Well done, Mummy, with all the painting! Hope you got to put your feet up at some point over the weekend!

The Monkey pattern really is a good one, eh? I've made a pair as a present, but I'm certainly going to knit some for moi as well.

And doesn't Winston co-ordinate beautifully with your sofa!

Grace Yaskovic said...

And Grace loved the package received, you outdid yourself I have been using my autumn markers all week Thanks again Ally!!

Nichole said...

Winston looks so relaxed and "at home" - what a lovely houseguest!

Birdsong said...

The house is very cute and so is the dog... love the view out the window! Now, for some down time for you:)