Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wedding Bells

Congratulations to Jennifer and Dan! What a fun wedding and reception we had the honor of attending on Saturday. The venue was very interesting (the old asylum) and the food was fabulous at Stella. I did keep thinking about The Shining though. The place was just a little creepy in a haunted kind of way. lol

The Saint's references to a guy in a hockey mask with a machete didn't help.

Now that the festivities are over I can show you all the nifty bag I knitted for the happy couple a while back. It's big enough for a couple bottles of wine, and assorted accompaniments. It was lots of fun to put together.

So here's the bag...

I topped it off with some fall color dish towels, it was impossible to take a photo that would show the sparkly-ness of the do you like it?

We took the opportunity to turn the wedding trip into a wonderful relaxing weekend in Traverse City. We stayed at a nice little no-frills motel called the Mitchell Creek Inn, had dinner on Friday evening at Red Mesa Grill (we highly recommend this place especially if you like a quality margarita) and a yummy breakfast at Mustard's on Saturday morning.

Most fun was a stop at Yarn Quest over on Garfield Rd. They have an amazing mass of yarn there and the nicest people you could ever want to assist you.

So now we're back home and steeling ourselves for the return to work tomorrow. gah! I wish weekends were longer. Have a great week.


Alana - Knit Wit said...

What a fun idea for a unique and practical gift! It's so cute, and I know they'll love it!

Rachel said...

That bag looks fantastic! Such a great gift...I'm sure the happy couple loved it! btw--I linked over to you from your comment on my first sock at the sock KAL...I've been lurking up until now :)

Janice said...

Love the bag! What a great gift!! Sounds like you had a fun day/trip!

wildflower38 said...

What a great idea!

Nichole said...

What a GREAT gift / excellent presentation - I love it!