Monday, September 3, 2007

A Beautiful Day for a Parade

click on photos if you want to biggie-size them

There were t-shirts handed out (we love free stuff!)

lines of trucks (the modern means of shipping your stuff) ...YAY Teamsters!

and horseys (the original mode of shipping your stuff)

and political statements.

Some pets,

And some patriotism.

Our Grandchildren walked with us today, Ladarrius, who's 11 now, got tired of waiting before we stepped-off and found a curb to sit on. Makes me think of the first year I was at the parade with The Saint. He drove one of the trucks in the parade and we took Ladarrius with us so he could ride in Papa's big truck and he fell asleep before the parade stepped-off. He was 2 that year. Wow, that seems like so long ago...he'll be in middle school this year...

Meet my granddaughter, Jasmine, she's 8 and almost as tall as me already. Of course that's not saying much, I'm height challenged, but she's only 8! tee hee

Don't we look good in our matching yellow shirts? I'm amazed I actually got us both in the shot, lol

Jasmine always loves the parade. Today she told me that she was missing my cooking. She mentioned banana bread in particular so hopefully the weather will cool off soon so we can get on that. I don't usually cook much in the summer, that's the time for The Saint to dazzle everyone with his culinary skills outdoors.

One more semi-serious pose before we step-off...

Some scmoozing was done by the newly elected Trustee to the Board of Teamsters Local 406 - Congratulations Honey! More meetings for you means more knitting time for me, right?

And a lot of walking! It was a beautiful day for a parade. It's always fun to see a bunch of people you only see at the annual gathering on Labor Day.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



wildflower38 said...

Parades are such fun!

Nichole said...

Jasmine... what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl!

Looks like you all had fun!

sahara said...

The other thing I wanted to mention that has been keeping my busy, is––Virgos are ruling right now, and I've been helping them celebrate!

Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy!