Sunday, September 23, 2007

testing....testing... & did anybody see my mojo?

Well, here's a pic of my test knitting for Jen's Rippled Fingerless Mittens. I seemingly I can't count, or read, lol!

Check out the picture and see if you can tell what I did wrong and more wrong...

No, there will be no prizes for the lucky guesser, ha ha ha, ah-hem...

I knit the one on the right first.

See my problem?

I missed an entire ripple up near the thumb. A closer look and you'll notice that the thumb is a bit stumpy and the twisted rib of the thumb is inside-out! The inside out thumb would be a throw-back to my days when I used to knit socks inside out. I have since mended my ways with the socks but it came back to haunt me when I did the thumb on the first mitten.

Ah well, practice makes perfect. The second one turned out really good. I'll be starting over on the first one tomorrow. Then I'll write up my notes for you Jen and get them off pronto.

This was a really fun project that knit up quickly and they are nice and toasty. Thanks again Jen for the opportunity to test them out.

And now for a sewing related interruption...

In this time of missing mojos (Cass can't find her housework mojo) Hey Cass, I didn't find your mojo here either, rofl - my sewing mojo seems to have taken a hike (possibly insulted by the knitting mojo, but I'm just guessing, lol).

I have done some things with my sewing machine in years passed that amazed even me (in addition to countless relatives and friends) lol.

If you go to Rena's Room you'll see my greatest accomplishment, (aside from raising my children) Rena & Chef Wes's wedding quilt circa 9/06. It's made from fabrics called, drum roll here, Bistro! Ha,ha,ha,ha...Wes being a chef and all, well, I thought it was pretty creative...the fabrics have names like Saucy Swirl, Fetucinni, Lasagna, you get the idea...

Go, go there now, you have to see it, I'll wait right here for you...
and would you say hey to her while you're there, please? She could use some company, she's been working way too hard lately.

Oh, thanks for doing that, and how did you like the quilt?

I've been trying to get motivated to quilt again, especially after looking at the beautiful quilts that Dave has made. I'm not feelin it so this morning I tried to force it to come around by hauling out my Mariner's Compass and hanging it in my newly painted bedroom.

I told myself that this was merely for the purposes of taking it's picture and show it to all of you so maybe you could motivate me to finish this piece. It's just the top, no batting, no backing, no quilting...poor thing.

When I got it pinned up and stood back I was amazed by how well it looked with the new green walls. I had planned on hanging this piece in my office at work but it's going in our bedroom. lol

It just doesn't really go with the leopard print comforter, mwa-ha-ha-ha! Dammit! Guess I'll have to buy a new comforter if I ever get that Mariner's Compass done :)

Here's the Mariner's Compass,

watchu think?

I know it's not knitting, but anyway...we all have secret hobbies besides knitting don't we? tee-hee

Thanks for hangin with me and giving me some opinions. I love opinions!



Grace Yaskovic said...

the Quilts are gorgeous, were the fingerless mitts double pointed or straight needle? Have a wonderful evening

Dave Daniels said...

Wow, that's gorgeous! You used a great color combination. Sometimes Compass Quilts can get muddy looking if there isn't enough contrast.
Someone said they saw my quilting was lying in the gutter on the side of the interstate. I've GOT to find a way to get it back...

JenW!~ said...

You knitted when you should have rippled. LOL don't worry I wrote the pattern and even I messed up when I made a pair. Love the quilts. The colors really compliment each other. My sewing mojo seems to have taken a ride down the knitting highwqay right now. I have tons that needs sewed but I just don't feel like doing it.

Cass said...

When did I EVER have a cleaning mojo!?!? ;)

OMG Ally that quilt is stunning! As a former quilter myself (you can see one of my lil wallhangings on the wall in a pic on my blog today!) I can atest to your amazing abilities! Gorgeous!! The colors are stunning. :)