Monday, September 10, 2007

His Girl's Fish Tales

The Saint took us fishin this morning. At 5:00 am!

We crossed Muskegon Lake before dawn headed for Lake Michigan. It was too dark and too choppy to take any photos and all concentration was focused on finding the mouth of the channel that would take us to the big water.

Rena's first trip out for salmon. The water was not too cold at 66 degrees but it still looked pretty scary with the wind whipping it into a frenzy. There was plenty of foam swirling around the boat and the spray was hitting us with regularity. She got a good taste of being a fisherman on her first trip out.

Having finally arrived at the mouth of the channel The Saint relinquished the helm to me and got the lines set. We putt-ed out and got the boat lined up for the north/south troll, the wind and swells made for an interesting ride. On our second southbound pass across the mouth of the channel we had a fish on and Rena brought it in with about a 10 minute fight. It was 7:30am. One fish in the box! Her first trip out and she had her first fish! Not so many fisherman are that lucky.

About a 6 1/2 lb King Salmon. Makes me so proud! *sniff*

Another pass north and south brought us more wind and larger swells, so it was time to head to the channel. As we approached the lighthouse we hit on another fish.

So Rena got to play Sakajawea while I reeled in fish #2. Turned out to be about 20 lbs, we can't be certain on the weight though as the dinky scale we had topped out at 15 lbs and couldn't register the weight of the fish. was more than 15 lbs and less than 30...yeah, that sounds pretty good.

Hey wake up! I think he's done-for...

That's a whole lot of smoked salmon! mmm-mmm!

Rena: "Mom, that fish is almost as tall as you, ha-ha-ha"

The Saint did all the hard/dirty work. Thanks Honey! He always makes sure "his girls" have a great time.


Dr. Purl said...

Wow!! That looked cold. Yes, that is a lot of smoked fish.

Alana - Knit Wit said...

Oh, what fun!! And all that smoked salmon.... How Wonderful!

JessaLu said...

Looks like lots of fun - and lots of yummy salmon, too! :o)