Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ahhh, Petting the Alpaca...

I went to Alpaca Farm Days at Grand Alpaca Company today.

Amazing cuteness! I've always loved to pet my Alpaca yarn, but, to pet the yarn while it is still on the Alpaca is truly a fine experience.

Seeing how attentive the mama Alpaca is to her baby warmed my heart.

They ate up all the extra attention they were getting.

Everyone was wearing their sweater as it was a bit cool this morning.

I got a good education during the tour from Jane Talbott the owner of Grand Alpaca Company.

I certainly do appreciate her passion for her endeavor. She knows each of her animals intimately and they all have names.

In addition to breeding the animals she also sells fiber, so if you are in the market for some fabulous Alpaca fleece check out her farm.

Time for a nap now...thanks for stopping in.


Javajem said...

Those Alpacas are soooo cute!!

I like your sign by the way!!

Nichole said...

OMG, love them... and the babies... OMG, to die for! SO cute.

clarabelle said...

Awww, the alpaca babies with sweaters! Are they handknitted? Using alpaca yarn? Probably not, but cute all the same!

(I've gone to town with your Flickr link thingie, btw...)

Janice said...

I love alpacas and the crias are SO cute!! We have one that lives next door and we shear him so he has a bit of hair around the head.. He just cracks me up to look at him!!

anna said...

alpacas in sweaters?!


sooo cute. the mama and babies pictures just warms my heart!!!