Saturday, September 8, 2007

Monkey Busy-ness

Ola! Hope everyone's having a great weekend! I know I am! My day started with a trip to Marie Catrib's with my son, Jared, for a delicious breakfast (our first together in a very long time) followed by a trip through 954 West to check out the latest vintage (second hand) clothing and then a few hours knitting at City Knitting. It just doesn't get any better than that!

Except that we will be capping off the day with a trip to our favorite Vietnamese soup place, Pho Soc Trang for a big bowl of Pho. Ahhhhh

This is the weekend at the beginning of a week of vacation. A vacation that does not involve any kind of packing or extensive travel. Ahh, the Fall Vacation. Time to relax, regroup and reorganize before winter comes.

This week will involve some salmon fishing on Lake Michigan, a trip to the shiney new casino called, um, I'm having a mental block, hang on, gotta go Google it...oh yeah, Four Winds. I'm not a "casino person" but who can resist something shiney and new and a short road trip from home?

The Saint is a pretty good Blackjack player though and this place is boasting "300 varieties of wine" so...WHY NOT GO?! He can play cards and I can drink some wine. Sounds like a perfect day to me. lol

And maybe, just maybe, I'll stop and visit my Dad in Benton Harbor while we're down that way. That is, if I can catch his busy-retired-self at home. lol

Why is it that retired people are never at home? My Mother's never home either...she is a widow and retired and is so busy running around the state with the "Seniors" that I can rarely catch her at home. (and if you click on this link, in the top row far right picture in the turquoise jacket, who do you see? My Mom! (wow, I didn't know she had a picture out there in the blog-o-sphere, I'll have to tell my brother & sister, they'll be so amazed) Mom's a celebrity! lol

Guess it's good they're both staying busy. Keeps em out of my hair, hee hee, JUST KIDDING!

And in the world of knitting, we have, ta da! A new and improved Monkey! See...

I took this pictures with Cass in mind *snicker*. Hey Cass! Hope you're enjoying your vacation! Are you there yet? (whiney voice - a little car trip humor) You really should try this Van Gogh stuff...mmmm, espresso flavor...and the bottle is pretty too.

Here's another shot without the bottle-as-leg-substitute...

in case you missed it on Let's Learn Socks Knitting. And speaking of which, if you are learning socks or learning new kinds of socks or just like to hang out with people who knit socks, you should join us. We like new friends!

And speaking of new friends...HEY! to all my new BFFs from Dish Rag Tag. What a blast we've had, even if we did finish 4th, drat! I believe that still puts us ahead of a whole bunch of other teams that haven't gotten their box to that giant mailbox in Alabama yet. That has got to be the biggest mail box I've ever seen! Hey, Emily! lol

Congratulations, especially to TEAM XDR, Rena's team, for getting in that giant mailbox first today. You came out victorious today. We want a rematch!, um, sorry, I got carried away for a you, Rena!

Thanks again for a great time. To Jennifer, Nichole, Grace, Katy, Susan, Lesley, Allison, Karen (who is blogless) and Rebecca it sure has been fun getting to know all of you! Stop by and congratulate them on a job well done.

I am proud to have been on your team.



Grace Yaskovic said...

ME too Ally, we had fun and we bonded so well I hope we get to do another soon!!

Nichole said...

I think we need to pay a visit to that mailman... ugh.

JenW!~ said...

I wanna say it was great meeting new cyber friends and getting to know everyone. I enjoyed DRT even if the darned postman put us in fourth. It was fun. BTW love the colors of that sock.