Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm gonna be a test knitter!

How exciting is that? I'm feeling all wiggly inside.

My friend Jen W sent me the instructions for her Rippled Fingerless Mittens and I'm gonna knit them up and give her a report on the instructions and how I like the mittens. Yay!

Thanks for the opportunity Jen! I feel honored.

Here's my choice of yarn and needles. Whatchu think?

Here's a little closer-up picture so you can see how really pretty the yarn is.

We have a set of size 7 Crystal Palace dpns - size 6 is suggested in the instructions but I tend to knit a bit tight - and approx 4.5 oz of 100% Romney Wool handspun by Sue Ann Carpenter of The Sassy Ewe in Barryton, MI.

I purchased this yarn from Sue Ann at the Fulton St Farmer's Market the first Saturday I went this year. I'm hoping to see her again but the veggie farmer's haven't let up enough to make room for the Artisans yet so I'll have to keep waiting.

Just for grins - and to give you a feel for the size of this cake of yarn - here is a picture of the yarn with my 8" dpns and my checkbook...isn't it huge?

I'm thinking this should be plenty of yarn...

Well, I suppose I should hit the hay so I can make it to work one more day this week. Thankfully it will be FRIDAY! Those sales reps have driven me crazy this week! I need a weekend and maybe a nice glass of Merlot with some 5 year old Gouda...mmm, can't think about that now, must go to sleep...



Alana - Knit Wit said...

How fun!!! I would love to be a test knitter. You lucky ducky you!!

JenW!~ said...

I appreciate your help. Your cake of yarn should be plenty. I used a skein with 108 yrds to make a pair and still had yarn left over. Can't wait to see your finished gloves.

Nichole said...

Sounds like fun - and beautiful yarn choice!